Top 10 Cell Phones For Kids

Thinking of getting your kid a good cell phone? Well the only prerequisites to making a good choice is knowing what do you really want? The best cell phone for your kid is one that keeps you connected to your kid at all times; whether at school, at friends or at the grandparents, you are always at the distance of a call! The Top 10 Cell phones for Kids brings to you the best phones from which you would love to choose one for your kid. Your kid’s phone should be handy, simple and yes of the very color your kid loves!

1. LG Migo ($69.99)

LG Migo - Cell Phone for Kids Under 10

The LG Migo phone for kids is one fabulous choice. It is smart, sturdy and light weight. The simple 4-key number pad allows you to programme four speed-dials to your child’s phone. The LG Migo also has a dedicated emergency key (which can be programmed on your choice).

LG Migo is one of the only cell phones for kids that is  hearing aid compatible. This definitely gives it an edge over other cell phones for youngster. The phone interface is very user-friendly, giving your child more control without much frenzy due to many keys and options.

You child will love LG Migo for the fun ringtones, booming loudspeaker and its fancy green colour.

2. Firefly Phone ($37.99)

 Firefly Phone - Cell phone for Kids

The Firefly phones simply attract kids! The brightly colored phones from the pretty pink to the sporty blue seem real fun. Not just this but each phone has a bright full color screen.

If your kid loves to play phone games then this phone is a treat for them. The phone supports few in-built games, a flashlight and an interactive interface.

The Firefly cell phones support both incoming and outgoing calls (which you can limit as needed) and text messaging. While your kids can enjoy the fun of having an actual phone, you will be proud of your economic choice.

3) Sanyo Katana II Prepaid Phone ($79.99)

Sanyo Katana II - Cell phone for Kids

Sanyo Katana is a phone that is designed to take your kids one step ahead in learning good phone usage. The phone is sleek, stylish an empowered!

The Sanyo Katana will give your child the real experience of using a classy phone. It not only supports calling and text messaging but also has a VGA camera, hands-free communication, bluetooth and personal organizer.

Sanyo Katana is one of the few cell phones for kids that provides 21MB memory, that your kid can enjoy downloading their favorite ringtones from the web. While your child enjoys this luxury phone you always have a control. The Sanyo Katana phone supports the GPS locator service adds to your control over the device.

4. Imaginarium Mo1 Mobile ($74.99)

Imaginarium Mo1 - Cell phone for Kids

Imaginarium Mo1 Mobile is another basic cell phone for kids designed for small kids. It is small, neatly finished and displays just a few buttons. The phone can be great for small kids who are just learning to use cell phones.

Imaginarium stands out due to its colorful layout of keys, with two dedicated keys to call ‘mom’ and ‘dad’. It allows you to programme it and feed in numbers both for incoming and outgoing calls.

5. iKids ($98.99)

iKids - Cell phone for Kids

The smooth and stylish look of ikids phone is really cool. With prominent keys and a simple ‘menu’ key it is very easy to use.  The phone allows unlimited calls and you always have the control over allocating numbers to specific keys.

Among all the cell phones for kids the iKids is great as it records the location of your child throughout the day. Knowing the exact location of your child is possible will i-Kids, as it sends you the map location on request. In any emergency situation the one-touch emergency key is ready to help your kid.

6. Buddy Bear Phone ($99.9)

Buddy bear - Best Cell phone for Kids

If you are looking for a phone for your kid who has yet to go to school then Buddy Bear phone is the right choice. The little adorable bear is just what your child needs. It is cute, simple, small to fit your kid’s hands and very easy to use.

With just four pre-programmed keys (which you can programme for your kid), on/off keys and good quality speakers the phone is complete. It allows you to use hands-free as well

As it is designed for little children, the Buddy Bear can also be used as a baby monitor, and you can always listen to your child through the headset, no matter where they are.

7. Wherifone GPS Locator Phone ($99)

Wherifone  - Cell phone for Kids

The Wherifone phone comes with a built-in GPS locator. It provides you with services that will allow you to keep track of your child’s location. All you need to do is connect to the internet and log on to get a detailed map showing your kid’s location. You also have the choice of screening any incoming or outgoing calls. Coming in a wide range of colors, this phone is made for your kid to enjoy.

8. Bratz Phone Sony-Ericsson T290 ($69.99)

Bratz Phone  - Cell phone for Kids

The Bratz phone is just made for your little girl! The phone has a pink textured theme displaying the much liked Bratz fashion dolls. Young girls find this phone really attractive and showy. The company has customized all ringtones, wallpapers (of Jade, Cloe, Yasmin and Sasha) and graphics to display the Bratz.

While the phone is all fun, it still provides you all the control, as you can programme numbers into it. Apart from this the phone allows internet browsing and text messaging as well.The Bratz phone is trendy, fashionable and an icon in itself!

9. Barbie Phone ($49.99)

Barbie Phone - Cell phone for Kids

The Barbie Phone is a cute little phone designed to make your kids happy and give you the satisfaction of having right control over the device.

The Barbie phones are brightly coloured with Barbie themed cell phone covers (there are three faceplates with each cell phone). There is a complete keypad in the phone allowing your child to use it freely.

The plus point to this phone is that is gives you the freedom to keep a check on the calls, texts and contacts. You can also limit the phone call time and avoid unwanted bills!

10. Enfora’s TicTalk ($99)

Tictalk  - Cell phone for Kids

The Enfora TicTalk is a neat, simple looking phone with various qualities. The phone has no keypad and looks more like a kid walkie-talkie.

You can simple add in contacts that will then be allowed to call and get calls from the phone. The TicTalk phone is small enough to be kept in pockets, and fit your kid’s hands. The simple monochrome LCD gives details of Caller ID and battery life. The phone is pretty simple and easy to use.

In this fast growing world we really need to be connected together and this is what technology brings to us. Top 10 Cell phones for Kids are the BEST phones that you could give to your kids, making them techy, secure and ready to step ahead of all!