Top 10 Handguns for Home Defense

Handguns for home defense are an excellent choice; they can potentially save you and your family’s life. When you choose a handgun for home defense you should have consideration for the caliber of the gun, the size of the gun and the controls of the gun. It is important that it is not only you who can operate the gun but the rest of the people in the household as well.

Here is a list of Top 10 Handguns for Home Defense.

1) Ruger SP101 357 Magnum

 Best Handgun for Home Defense - Ruger

The fine Rugar SP101 357 Magnum, with this you can always be ready. This awesome looking beauty can handle 0.357 magnums, 0.327 federal magnums and 0.38 magnums. It has a recoil reducing grip and it is made to have a continuous use of magnum bullets shot after shot. It is one of the best handguns for home defense. It has a 4’’ barrel and it is double action. You can load 5 bullets at a time. The Ruger is a reliable Handgun for Home Defense.

2) Smith and Wesson Revolver 686 plus

Handgun for Home Defense - s&w 686

This sleek sliver stainless steel revolver with a synthetic grip uses 0.357 Magnum as well as 0.38 S&W special + P rounds. The 0.357 Magnums are enough to stop the attacker in one shot. It can be loaded with 7 rounds. It has a decent 4” barrel which is built for continuous Magnum usage. You can get it in double and single action.

3) Smith & Wesson Model 625 JM Revolvers

Handguns for Home Defense - S and W 625

This pretty thing designed in collaboration with Jerry Miculek for ultra-fast performance. It has a caliber of 0.45 ACP. It has a capacity of 6 rounds and you can have double and single action in this revolver. It has a large frame size and has a 4’’ barrel. This Handgun for Home Defense comes with a matte stainless finish and a Jerry Miculek hand grip.

4) Smith & Wesson 627 Revolver

Smith & Wesson 627 Revolver

This beautiful handgun is a great handgun for home defense. It uses 0.357 magnum and 0.38 S&W Special + P bullets, so it has a hefty amount of fire power. It has 8 rounds capacity in a single load. It has 5” barrel. The grip is of wood with a synthetic grip included with it. It comes in double and single action. The trigger on this revolver has an over travel stop. It has a large stainless steel frame and cylinder. This is a top performing handgun.

5) The FN 57


The FN 57 is a manufacture of Herstal in Belgium. It is a semi-automatic and named due to its use of a 5.7 mm (0.224 inch) diameter of bullet. The gun is polymer based weapon with a considerable magazine capacity; you can have ten rounds, twenty rounds or even a thirty rounds magazine capacity compatible with this gun. It is lightweight, ambidextrous controls and it has low recoil. Also it has the capability to pierce soft body armor when you use a certain cartridge. The military and the police in over 40 countries use this handgun as well.

6) The Glock 19

Handguns for Home Defense - Glock-19

The Glock 19 is a semi-automatic from Glock GmbH of Deutsh-Wagram, Austria. It use 9mm bullets. It is of a reduced compact size from the standard handgun size and it comes with a good hand grip. It is supplied with a standard 15 round magazine. It can be used as a backup weapon too. it is widely in use worldwide with security services and as a conventional weapon.

7) Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm

Handguns for Home Defense - smith & wesson M&p 9mm

This handgun uses 9 mm bullets. They have a capacity of 17 + 1 rounds that you can fire. It has a larger frame and so would be easier to have a proper hold for many. It has ambidextrous controls and safety features. It is a polymer based fire arm and it is used designed keeping the military and the police in mind.

8) The 380 ACP Guardian

handguns for home defense - guardian 380

The 380 ACP Guardian made by the North American Arms is an excellent weapon for home defense. It is very small and very compact so easily concealable. You can easily put it anywhere in the house as it will fit in most places for instances in your purse or pockets of the size of your trousers. It uses 0.380 caliber bullets which is a lot of fire power for the size. It is double action and holds up to six bullets in the magazine.

9) Beretta 92

Handguns for home defense - berreta

Beretta 92 is a semi-automatic made in 1975 Italy to present. This model of Beretta use 9mm Parabellum bullets, so it has sufficient power. You can put various magazine according to your needs they come in 10, 15, 17, 18 20 and 30 rounds capacity. It has some of it parts made from polymer coated metal, has internal recoil buffers and you can change grips too. It is used by the military.

10) Smith & Wesson Model 617 Revolver

handguns for home defense - smith wesson 617

This revolver uses 0.22 LR caliber bullets. Don’t underestimate the power of a 0.22 bullet, yes it is small but it causes enough damage to leave the attacker injured and immovable if you aim properly. It has a large capacity for revolvers; it can be loaded with 10 rounds at a time. It has a synthetic grip and a 4” barrel. It is made out of stainless steel frame and a cylinder and has a satin stainless finish. It comes in double and single action.

It is important that you have sufficient practice with the handgun that you keep for Home Defense. No matter how well a gun you get, it is dependent in the end on you how well of a user you are. For handguns for home defense size does not matter that much as you won’t be concealing it that much. It is better to have a revolver as a choice of handguns for home defense.

A revolver does not jam. Your semi-automatic on the other hand, will jam if you aren’t used to using it or you don’t use it regularly, hence the revolvers are rated higher. Some people will say revolvers take time to load. Yes they do but there are things like speed loaders with which u take a second to load your revolver. If you get to own one of the Best Handguns for Home Defense, you should handle them with responsibility and care.