Top 10 Herbal Medicine Schools in the World

Due to the increase in demands for alternative medicine to be used as a substitute for Western medicinal methods associated with surgeries and prescription drugs, there are been a rise in herbal medicine careers. The more persons want to start using herbal medicine, the more qualified persons are needed worldwide to provide these services. In order to become a professional in the herbal medicine field you will be required to get top-of-the-line training, and for you to receive quality training, you will have to attend one of the top 10 herbal medicine schools.

Careers in the herbal medicine field that you can choose from include: Naturopaths, Natural Healing Practitioners, Homeopathic Practitioners, Herbalists, Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Ayurvedic Practitioners. The first step you need to take if you want to pursue any of these careers is to get the proper education from one of the many herbal medicine schools worldwide. Subjects included in your coursework will be inclusive of: Plant Compounds, Phytochemistry, Herbal Pharmacy, Chinese Medicine, Cell Chemistry, Botanical Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. The subjects that you will have to take will depend on the specific herbal medicine career you choose.

Some careers in herbal medicine will require you to have credentialing or certification, while there are other herbal medicine careers that will not require you to have these; however, it is always best that you get certified. It is very important that you attend one of the distinguished herbal medicine schools that will teach you all you need to know to be successful in the herbal medicine field.

Currently, the top 10 herbal medicine schools in the world are:

  1. Atlantic University
  2. California Institute of Integral Studies
  3. Clayton College of Natural Health
  4. Bastyr University
  5. Northwestern Health Sciences University
  6. Tai Sophia Institute
  7. New England School of Acupuncture
  8. New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  9. Campus Broshim
  10. Wild Rose College of Natural Healing

When comparing herbal medicine schools, you need to take time to analyze their diploma choices, degrees, certificates offered, curriculum and of course their tuition. As a prerequisite for many herbal medicine schools, you might need to have already completed some form of college or university degree. You should also ensure that you participate in internship, so that you can gain some on-the-job experience.

As a prospective student, you should also take the time to go over financial aid options, prerequisites and course outlines, as herbal medicine schools all differ in their curriculum, tuition and length of course. Because of the increased demand for careers in the herbal medicine field, herbal medicine schools are also on the rise.