Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in USA

An ideal life insurance policy is also a good investment and is a significant measure to be adopted to protect the future of your family. If you get equipped with a good life insurance policy it comes to our rescue when you find yourself in troubled waters, as it also helps in securing the financial stability pertaining to your children. To do decide upon the right life insurance policy, factors like reliability, price, financial backing and flexibility play a vital role, and choosing the idyllic life insurance company also becomes a difficult task. Companies that fall into the top 10 life insurance companies in USA for 2012 can be classified as per their popularity and the volumes related to their sales.

Find a list of top 10 life insurance companies in USA which enjoys popularity as well as are life insurance companies that register phenomenal growth in their revenues, year after year, and on top of it are esteemed companies that provide good service.


MetLifeMetLife is a renowned life insurance company in the USA, and it provides Term Life Insurance which gets provided in three modes. Their commitment to provide service to the underprivileged and the marginalized has catapulted MetLife into one of the top life insurance provider, and their Corporate Social responsibility has helped them stay afloat in the healthy competition that prevails in the life insurance market in the USA. Having an international presence, MetLife is one of the top 10 life insurance companies in the USA which also offers Permanent Life Insurance to the citizens of the USA. MetLife happens to be the top life insurer in the USA, and is a leader in retirement and savings policy among the other areas of significance.

Prudential Insurance Company of America

Prudential Financial - best insurance companiesPrudential Insurance Company of America happens to be a part pertaining to Prudential Financial and is one of the top notch insurance players that provide life insurance to many in the USA. As one of the top 10 life insurance companies in the USA, this life insurance company offers life insurance policies under five categories, which are the Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Variable Life Insurance and Survivorship Life insurance. To cater to the varied needs of the individuals who seek to acquire life insurance policy, Prudential Insurance Company of America offers insurance under these categories that carry many benefits.

New York Life Insurance

New York LifeBeing a major player to occupy centre stage in the life insurance market in the USA, New York Life Insurance has changed its offerings as in a way to suit the times, and in effect has trimmed their strategy and operations to meet the varied requirements of individuals as well as to fall in line with the market. This life insurance company provides life insurance policies that get classified into four categories, which embrace the term insurance, permanent life insurance, survivorship insurance as well as life insurance for that of business. New York Life Insurance has been receiving highest rankings in the life insurance industry, and the ratings have been provided by the best of insurance rating agencies, as it is undoubtedly a major player to find a place in the top 10 insurance companies in the USA.


Tiaa CrefThe primary focus pertaining to TIAA-CREF is life insurance, and there are various lines of life insurance at TIAA-CREF, which includes level as well as renewable term, apart from that of the universal as well as survivorship life insurance. This insurance company is one among the top financial services organizations in the USA as it offers term insurance in two types and permanent insurance in two types. Headquartered in New York, it has 60 branches spread across the USA, and with its performance, it enters the list of top 10 life insurance companies in the USA. Earning good rankings from the reputed insurance rating agencies, this insurance company is also one of the insurance companies that stays on top when sales is concerned.

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance

Massachusetts Mutual Life InsuranceMassMutual Financial Group happens to be the marketing name pertaining to Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company which has its headquarters at Springfield. As one of the leading insurance companies in the USA, the term-life insurance related to MassMutual offers coverage for that of set periods pertaining to time. The financial strength of this life insurance company as well as its strong performance has registered tremendous growth, and to satiate the needs of clients, MassMutual Financial Group also offers disability income insurance, retirement plan services, long term care insurance as well as annuities. As one of the best insurance companies in the USA, it strives to help clients in the decision making process with respect to their financial planning.

Lincoln National

Lincolnd Financial GroupLincoln National is one of the reputed insurance companies in the USA, and the types pertaining to life insurance that comes from the stable of Lincoln National include Term Life, Universal Life, Linked Benefit Life and Variable Universal Life. Known for their focus to provide professional financial advice, Lincoln National provides a wide range of insurance products that addresses the long-term needs of the individuals seeking insurance policies, as it also offers annuities. It is one of the successful as well as the largest of life insurance companies found in the USA, and is a strong contender to enter the list of top 10 life insurance companies in the USA.

Genworth Financial

Genworth Financial - best insurance companiesConsistently rated as the one of best, Genworth Financial life Insurance is headquartered in Richmond as it offers traditional term life insurance, universal life insurance and term life insurance with that of premium options. As one of the prime providers of life insurance in the USA, it also finds a place in the top 10 insurance companies in the USA. The financial strength of this insurance company in meeting the obligations related to policy holders doesn’t come as surprise to many, as this factor has not only earned recognition for Genworth Financial but also has been a major reason for the top insurance rating companies to shower praises on this insurance provider.


AFLACAmerican Family Life Assurance Company or the AFLAC happens to be a top rated US insurance companies as it unveils a host of health and accident insurance policies, which comes as perfect solutions to individuals as well as to employers. Based in Columbus, AFLAC is a behemoth, as it possesses massive assets and the clientele encompasses sea of individuals found around the globe, and which is also a top life insurance player in the USA. It strives to offer affordable life insurance products to employers and customers, as innovative strategic marketing that entwines with that of well-researched as well as quality products have paved way for value for money and cost-effective life insurance plans, which ultimately has pushed this life insurance company into the list of top 10 life insurance companies in the USA.

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern MutualNorthwestern Mutual is one of the recognized players in the field of life insurance in the USA, and the life insurance policies that come from Northwestern Mutual proffers many benefits, as they also pave way for many add-ons. The benefits like Guaranteed Death Benefit, Guaranteed Minimum Cash Value and other such benefits have been lapped by many clients, and Northwestern Mutual, which is one of the top 10 life insurance companies in the USA also unveils additional purchase benefits, indexed protection benefits as well as waiver of premium that come as other benefits offered by Northwestern Mutual

Principal Financial

Principal FinancialPrincipal Financial is another reputed life insurance company in the USA that provides insurance policies for businesses as well as individuals. Quality service is an inherent feature of this life insurance company, and apart from offering life insurance it also offers dental and vision insurance. The life insurance encompasses varieties like term insurance, survivorship life insurance, group health insurance among the other types, and it also provides aid for individual retirement planning. It is one of the top 10 life insurance companies in the USA that provides excellent services.

If you think that a life insurance company in the USA of repute has been left out in this list, please let us know as well as provide your comments.


  1. Michael Covarrubias III says

    “Top 10 Blog” I am a professional in the Financial and Insurance industry. Over my long career, I have been associated with three of your top 10 insurance companies and with most large companies, a person can sell products from other companies. For example; I work for Prudential, we (nor Metlife Life) do not offer Long Term Care Insurance but I can sell LTC insurance from Trans America, Mutual of Omaha, Genworth and others. Here is my point: You “Top 10 Blog) are comparing apples to oranges to hot dogs. Prudential has one the best Annuties with the HMDI, Principal has some best 401ks. All of these companies are worth billions of dollars. This is my free advice for potential clients: Do not get your information from websites, it is Okay to get a some general Ideals, but get on the phone and talk to a professional. We (financial Professionals) have taken many state and federal exams to service our clients.

  2. Linda McDaniel says

    Wondering where…American National, based in San Antonio, TX…. rates in the scope of Life Insurance Companies and if it comes recommended…..?

  3. Linda McDaniel says

    Wondering where does… American National based in San Antonio, TX …..rank in the scope of things…?

  4. LA Terranova says

    Where does Banker’s Life and Casualty Company rank in the scope of companies in Missouri and the U.S.A.? Also, what determines an “A” or “B” rating? Thank you.

  5. dretoya says

    This really help because we are searching for a new policy.. Does any of these insurance companies have health restrictions?

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    NEW YORK LIFE is the largest MUTUAL (owned by policyowners and not shareholders) and has insured more U.S. PRESIDENTS and dignitaries, including Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and founders of Mayo Clinic, Chrylser Corp and JC Penneys and many others. NYL is the Rolce Royse of insurance companies and I’m proud to be insured by them and in good company. Whole Life is the best, as the name implies, if you want to be insured when you die (that is, your entire/whole life). Term has its place, but is just for a Term and most outlive its affordability in the long haul. Out of all Term policies issued, only about 3 to 5% result in a paid claim. There are over 1,000 life insurers in the U.S. and New York Life has a 12% market share, which is unprecedented and no other life insurer has ever had a double digit market share going back over 50 years. Also, New York Life has paid annual dividends (surplus profits) to its policyowners for over 160 consecutive years – WOW. Rob…

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    It is a very nice web/blog where where we can get very important news and suggestion. Metalife affac etc are very fine and fruit fol whern wil get actual ensured life security/

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    Wow its a great information about Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in USA. Its so useful for every one specially for me please keep it up and post more updates.

  9. Maria says

    Has anyone ever heard of a company called American Income Life ? This company claims to be rated
    right behind AFLAC in business (etc.) This rating page, nor any of the other pages I pulled up, makes
    no reference to this company whatsoever ?????