Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Ring Brands

Deciding upon an engagement ring may be very perplexing. You will find many choices to select from and quite a few options really should be made. Everyone desires for that excellent engagement day, and it is likely, under no circumstances, to be ideal without having that perfect engagement ring. Designer-brands are considered as the most expensive engagement ring brands. Custom made engagement rings happen to be common because of its top quality and exceptional designs. These rings are usually pricey because their products and brands are notable for superb reputations. Here are the top 10 most expensive engagement ring brands for you to choose from to complete that perfect day.

1. Tiffany

At the top of most people’s list when thinking about engagement ring designers or stores is Tiffany & Co. They are known for exceptional quality and that trademark Tiffany blue which is used in all their branding and packaging (think little blue box). Truth is, not only is the quality great but they are much more affordable than one would think, even though they can still be quite expensive; enough to make it to our list of the most expensive engagement ring brands.

2. Harry Winston

However, when talking about quintessential extravagance and designer engagement rings, one other name stands out big time – Harry Winston. Harry Winston engagement rings are usually some of the most exclusive and most expensive engagement ring brands. Harry Winston is known for the very best quality stones and larger carat dimensions so it is inevitable that his engagement rings are going to be more expensive than most of us are able to afford.

3. Tacori

Tacori engagement rings are known for their European styling and attention to detail. Tacori’s philosophy is that most people understand top quality and take pleasure in good design and that both these things should be available at a practical price. They feature different collections to meet all price points and even design Cubic Zirconia engagement rings with surrounding diamonds for those wanting the designer style without a designer price tag.

4. Cartier

Cartier is another well-known in engagement ring designers. The Cartier brand is recognized all over the world and cherished by many. Cartier engagement rings begin at just a couple thousand dollars with no real upper end limit.

5. James Allen

James Allen group are an upmarket online retail store; they can offer outstanding designer rings at more affordable prices. They also have an amazing technology that allows you to view real pictures of the diamond that you are buying by way of a virtual jeweller’s loupe. This is incredible; just like being at an actual jewellery store. Their Danhov Designer Meno Collection is really quite exclusive.

6. Verragio

Verragio engagement rings are divided into five collections: The Venetian, Insignia, Classico, Couture, and Paradiso. The Eterna Collection displays their wedding and eternity bands. The Verragio brand major in bridal jewellery. Dashing as it is, Verragio has all the rights to belong on our list of the most expensive engagement ring brands

7. Reeds Jewellers

Reeds Jewellers prides themselves on being a family business and treating you like one of their own. They have a substantial assortment of bridal jewellery (including Tacori along with other designer engagement rings) in all price ranges. They are a quality retailer who understands that their status is at stake with every sale they make.

8. Neil Lane

Neil Lane engagement rings offer “a contemporary vintage-inspired collection that celebrates Hollywood’s glamour.” Neil Lane has an extensive historical past in Hollywood and has created jewellery pieces for all the big celebrities once they needed an engagement ring or wedding band. For his wedding collection, Neil Lane teamed up with Kay Jewellers to bring his unmistakable style and design sense to all of us at great prices.

9. Diamonds International

Diamonds International is another precious resource. They take great pride in themselves on “the finest gemstone products at an unrivalled value”. What started as one shop in the Virgin Islands founded by two graduates of the GIA has developed into a major international retail chain. Locally or internationally, Diamonds International deserves to be considered as one of the most expensive engagement ring brands.

10. Simon G

Simon G engagement rings are known for their intricate outlining, filigree work, beading and engraving. They have a treasure high quality about them that comes from the prosperous cultural background of the designer himself quoted, “If you want jewellery that gets stared at you can’t afford to overlook anything.”

Despite the fact that so far we have only mentioned the most expensive engagement ring brands and better-known engagement ring designers, many more affordable alternatives should not be overlooked. While these titles and outlets may not carry precisely the same weight in terms of cachet, they all have some stunning items, which should be significantly considered irrespective of your financial budget