Top 5 Most Expensive Private Jet in the World

These days, private jets are viewed as the most expensive toys available in the hands of affluent holidaymakers. Fact is, their whopping price is cost effective to the matching pursuits of the top-notch gentry. Nevertheless, amongst the crowded field of private jets, there exists a handful of most expensive private jet in the world that can be yours with a arduous investment of $40 million or even more.

5. Dassault Falcon 7X – $41 million

Dassault Falcon 7X
Flying in on the 5th place, the Dassault Falcon 7X was introduced in 2005 as Dassault Aviation’s Flagship jet. It is a large-cabin, long-range business jet that sits at the epitome of their line. The plane was made in France and has a reputation for it’s fantastic build quality. It is estimated to cost close to $41 million USD, a nice start for our report on most expensive private jet in the world.

4. Gulfstream V-SP – $45 million

Gulfstream V-SP
The Gulfstream V-SP was the G550’s forerunner and as such was on top of the most expensive private jet in the world. At the 4th place, the Gulstream V-SP is used by the US military as well but it is known as the C-37A. Highly valued at $45 million this became one of Gulfstream Aerospace’s high points and helped establish them as among the world’s foremost jet providers.

3. Bombardier Global Express XRS – $47.7 million

Bombardier Global Express XRS
French Canada’s Bombardier Global Express XRS creates an unbelievable jet in the Global Express XRS. Amounting up to $47.7 million, it is an extremely long range business and VIP jet capable of rates of speed pushing 600 MPH. Soaring at third place, it is an outstanding piece of machines and has basically confirmed that Bombardier can build whatever it likes and it will be remarkable.

Boeing Business Jet 2 – $55.5 million

Boeing Business Jet 2 (BBJ2)
Everybody’s much-loved Giant American Corporation, General Electric got together with Boeing Commercial Airplanes to produce the Boeing Business Jet 2 (BBJ2), now at the second place of our list. The Boeing Business Jet 2 is a version of some other Boeing Jet, initially the 737, that is competent at transporting up to 50 individuals with room for facilities such as a master bedroom, a washroom with showers, and both a dining area and living room area. It is incredible that this most expensive private jet in the world is out there and some of them are marvels of technological innovation, high-class and style and design. Price: $55.5 million.

Gulfstream G550 – $60 million

Gulfstream G550
The number one. Gulfstream G550. This jet has the greatest range in its class and can actually fly you to the other side, around the world; and it’s also the most expensive private jet in the world, as well. It is at the epitome of aeronautical engineering and is just an absolute satisfaction to fly. The plane is stunning to look at and much more remarkable to be inside. Consequence: You’ll cough up your almost $60-million.

“Owning your own private plane is far and away one of life’s great indulgences, so people want them done up with style,” said Eric H. Roth, owner of International Jet Interiors of Ronkonkoma, N.Y.

When expense is no object, having said that, potential extravagances are around every corner. Features such as surround-sound leisure systems, exotic wood cabinetry and trim, gold-plated bathroom fittings, hand-woven carpeting and original artwork blend to create rarefied spaces on high. Some of the luxuries are presumed essentials, deeming these expenses in addition to the price tag of a typical plane, hence having planes like the ones here at our list of the most expensive private jet in the world.